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About Us

CAVOK Aviation was born not only out of a passion for flying, but also from an appreciation that there is so much more that can be offered to pilots, especially those who are currently hour building. Recognising the importance of customer service, we wanted to offer something different than the normal flying clubs of old and instead bring general aviation into the modern era. 

As a private pilot myself, I wanted to give something back to the flying community and take everything I've learnt, both inside and outside the sector, and simplify it for others. Like many, I've been lucky enough to realise my ambition and having flown some great flights over the past few years, I recognised that there was few organisations out there that provided exciting and different hour building packages to pilots.


We believe in inspiring others with the enjoyment of flight. We do this by ensuring all parts of CAVOK follow this ethos, whether it be from the aircraft hire, to the experience you have when booking and flying with us. We want you to get the most from hiring an aircraft or hour building, in the most relaxed and enjoyable way.