Build flight hours with our light aircraft hire

Light aircraft hire at a UK airfield of your choice

If you’re looking to build flight hours to help you achieve your commercial pilots licence, CAVOK Aviation’s light aircraft hire is both convenient and competitively priced.

Not only to we have a range of light aircraft for hire, but unlike other providers, we make building flight hours easy with our exclusive standards of service. All of our aircraft are fully maintained and insured, and we promise that your plane will be exclusively for your own use for the duration of your hire period. For a small additional fee, we’ll even transport your plane to and from an airfield of your choice if required, just let us know during the booking process

Take a look at our light aircraft hire options below, book your rental here and enjoy the opportunity to build flight hours to help you further your aviation experience and career.

Our aircraft hire options

G-RVND | Piper PA38 Tomahawk

G-RVND is an exceptionally tidy 1979 Piper PA38 Tomahawk where she's spent the majority of her past training new pilots out of Liverpool John Lennon and Durham Tees Valley. She's further...

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G-CHER | Piper PA38 Tomahawk

G-CHER, a MK2 Tomahawk, is a long-standing member at Bagby Airfield, built-in 1982 she has already flown many hours, supporting our pilots onto the next step of their commercial flight training....

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G-BPHI | Piper PA38 Tomahawk

G-BPHI, a Piper Tomahawk, is the newest addition to our hangar. Having been lovingly restored, she's had a complete refresh both inside and out. This includes a completely overhauled engine,...

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G-FLAV | Piper PA28 Warrior

As one of the most trusted aircraft among many flight schools and owners, the Piper PA28 is the perfect choice for your aircraft hire. With 4 recently refurbished grey seats and a Lycoming 161hp...

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G-AVWU | Piper PA28R-180 Arrow

The first addition of a complex aircraft type to the CAVOK Aviation hangar, G-AVWU may be a good choice for a pilot with little complex aircraft experience. The Piper Arrow was...

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