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Manufacturer and model
Hourly Rate
Aircraft Location
Piper Tomahawk
UK Wide
4.0 2 Pilot Ratings

Key Features

  • Great all-round visibility 

  • The perfect day-tripper

  • Spacious 'bubble style' cockpit

  • 2 seater with light luggage space behind

  • Heavier controls to aid transition to other touring types 

  • Available in 25 or 50* hour blocks. 



G-CHER is a long standing member at Bagby. With her first flight being in 1982, she's seen a strong flying career of both flight training and private hire. She transferred from Carlisle Flight Training to Flying Fox aviation in 2015 and is now part of the CAVOK aircraft team. Now, you are able to continue her flying career as a solid hour building aircraft. 

The PA38 Tomahawk has been regarded as one of the most successful fixed wing training aircraft that Piper have produced. Whilst many pilots stay cautious of the T-Tail configuration, when flown properly, she handles superbly in the air. 

Echo Romeo is available to hire as part of two great value hour building packages.  

Package 1

Hour blocks of between 25 and 49hrs charged at £59/hr dry 

Package 2

Hour blocks of greater than 50hrs charged at £54/hr dry 

General characteristics


Data from Janes's All The World's Aircraft 1982–83

*£54/hr dry rate relates to block hours of 50 or more.