Your most common questions and answers

My Booking

How are the flight hours measured?

All of our aircraft are fitted with Hobbs meters. Upon commencement of your booking, the Hobbs figure will be noted and the number of hours purchased will be measured from there.

As an example, if you purchased 25 hours with us, and the Hobbs meter read 1010.0 upon commencement of your booking, your final Hobbs time would be 1035.0.

The Hobbs meter is connected to the master switch within the aircraft.

What happens to my hours if the weather is poor throughout my booking?

While we’re unable to provide you with a refund of hours due to poor weather, we can reschedule your booking according to aircraft availability.

Is the aircraft insured for flights into Europe?

Yes, the aircraft insurance covers flights into Europe, with some exceptions. Please contact us with your specific requirements, and we will be able to advise accordingly.

What is a ‘dry rate’?

A dry rate refers to the hire of the aircraft without fuel and additional lubricants.

Is there a minimum number of hours on each rental?

Because we maintain, clean, and organise the aircraft ahead of each booking, we ask for a minimum of 5 hours rental. However, we can accept day hires under certain conditions; please contact us directly for more information.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards including American Express and Apple Pay.

The Aircraft

What oil does the aircraft take and do I have to pay for additional top ups?

Most of our aircraft use multi-grade oil, generally 15W50. Exact details will be provided on the ‘My Booking’ page of the website. As we operate ‘dry hire’ rates, any additional top ups would be the responsibility of the hiree.

Does the aircraft have to be returned to its ‘base’ every night?

No, you can treat the aircraft similar to that of a hire car. Enjoy the flexibility of staying overnight at other airfields; you’ll need to cover landing and parking fees that apply.

Does the aircraft need to be hangared?

No, while we’d welcome the opportunity for the aircraft to be hangared throughout your hire period, there is no requirement for that to take place. Providing the aircraft is tied down in a safe location, and the cover (if provided) remains fitted after each flight, that meets our hire requirements.

What if my aircraft has a technical problem during my booking?

Our friendly engineering partners regularly maintain our aircraft at Bagby Airfield in North Yorkshire. They take steps to ensure that before each hire, the aircraft is defect free. However, as with many aircraft, you may notice a fault develop during your hire period. Depending on the severity depends on how we will handle the defect. In most cases, defects will be noted and deferred until the next scheduled inspection. However, we may ask you to return the aircraft to us at Bagby for repairs to be undertaken or where the aircraft is grounded; we will aim to get an engineer to your location within five working days. Taking good care of the aircraft will prevent many issues from occurring; please see the aircraft information in my hangar once booked to find out more.

Will I need to bring the aircraft back during my booking for scheduled maintenance inspections?

Yes, we will require the aircraft back roughly every 50hrs since the last check. Depending on the inspection taking place, this usually is completed the same day; however, if the engineering does run over for factors outside of our control, you may be required to depart the following day. We can help organise accommodation on your behalf if this is the case. One of the team will work closely with you to plan and organise this in advance.

Am I able to use my restricted IR on any of your aircraft?

Yes, please contact us for further details.