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Night Rating

The Night Rating course will build on the skills you learnt as part of your PPL and adapt them for use in the hours of darkness. Once issued you can fly with or without passengers (subject to currency requirements) and take advantage of the generally smoother and less windy conditions that prevail at night.

Before starting the night rating you will need to have an EASA PPL with a valid single-engine piston (land) rating and a medical with no restrictions regarding flying at night. This course can, however, be completed as the last five hours of your PPL if the time of year is correct. Night flying is available when the hours of darkness coincide with airfield opening hours. This is generally from the end of October until the beginning of March.  It is important, therefore, when planning your modular training that this is taken into account.


Whilst there is no official ground school requirement for this rating, your instructor will guide you through the various human performance, air law and technical aspects of flight at night.



Piper PA28-161