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Bagby Airfield,

North Yorkshire


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Bagby Airfield, North Yorkshire

Set in the heart of North Yorkshire 2.3nm south east of Thirsk, Bagby (ICAO: EGNG) is a unique strip with a part concrete and part grass runway, so pilots will be able to enjoy operating from different surface types. In addition, the pronounced slope offers great experience building for PPL holders.

The location of Bagby puts pilots just a short flight away from the stunning East Yorkshire Coast, and is surrounded by other exciting airfields to fly into. Other destinations such as Scotland and the South East still remain easily accessible too. 

  • Free parking

  • Operational club house

  • Free WiFi

  • Well maintained, mixed surface runway (2,329ft)

  • Easy to access fuel bowsers where credit cards accepted

  • An all-year-round flying operation

Bagby Radio is 123.255

RWY 24/06 (Grass)

Dimensions 2,329 ft x 66 ft

Circuits 24 are left hand

Circuits 06 are right hand


Bagby Airfield



Y07 2PH


*Please note: Overflying the village of Bagby to the north of the airfield is prohibited to comply with local noise regulations. Please also avoid the equestrian farm on the left hand side on departure from RWY 24.