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Please check aircraft availability before booking here


G-BAXV is currently based at Bagby Airfield, North Yorkshire. If you would like to hire the aircraft at it's home base, please select 'No' in 'Positioning Required'. If you would like us to move the aircraft to your local airfield, please select 'Yes'. A £250 positioning fee applies. 



G-BAXV is a Reims Cessna 150L. The 'L' variant had the longest production run of any 150 sub-model, this therefore makes her one of the most developed and capable hour builders out there. Having flown both the length and breadth of the UK, whilst also stretching her legs across the channel, BAXV is another great choice for hour building pilots. 

Equipped with all the essentials, including a new 8.33 radio, BAXV is ready to be based wherever you need her whilst hour building. With all-round airfield capability and space for small bags, she's the perfect companion wherever you'd like to base her. 


Timeframe to complete hours

0-49 hrs - 4 weeks from hire date

50+ hrs -  8 weeks from hire date


Weather and servicability factors will be taken into consideration. We will work with you to get the most of your booked hours. 

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2 

  • Empty weight: 1,122 lb (509 kg)

  • Max takeoff weight: 1,600 lb (726 kg)


  • Maximum speed: 109 kn (125 mph, 202 km/h) at sea level

  • Cruise speed: 82 kn (94 mph, 152 km/h) 

  • Stall speed: 42 kn (48 mph, 78 km/h) (flaps down, power off)

  • Never exceed speed: 140 kn (160 mph, 260 km/h)

  • Range: 420 nmi (480 mi, 780 km) (econ cruise, standard fuel)

  • Rate of climb: 670 ft/min (3.4 m/s)

  • Take-off run to 50 ft (15 m): 1,385 ft (422 m)

  • Landing run from 50 ft (15 m): 1,075 ft (328 m)

Cessna 150 | G-BAXV

Hours Package
Positioning Required
  • Hourly rate is reduced to £54/hr dry when booking 50 or more hours.