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Please check aircraft availability before booking here


G-CHER is currently based at Bagby Airfield, North Yorkshire. If you would like to hire the aircraft at it's home base, please select 'No' in 'Positioning Required'. If you would like us to move the aircraft to your local airfield, please select 'Yes'. A £250 positioning fee applies. 




G-CHER is a long standing member at Bagby. With her first flight being in 1982, she's seen a strong flying career of both flight training and private hire. She transferred from Carlisle Flight Training to Flying Fox aviation in 2015 and is now part of the CAVOK aircraft team. Now, you are able to continue her flying career as a solid hour building aircraft. 

The PA38 Tomahawk has been regarded as one of the most successful fixed wing training aircraft that Piper have produced. Whilst many pilots stay cautious of the T-Tail configuration, when flown properly, she handles superbly in the air. 


Timeframe to complete hours

0-49 hrs - 4 weeks from hire date

50+ hrs -  8 weeks from hire date


Weather and servicability factors will be taken into consideration. We will work with you to get the most of your booked hours. 

General characteristics

  • Crew: one

  • Capacity: one passenger

  • Empty weight: 1,128 lb (512 kg)

  • Max. takeoff weight: 1,670 lb (757 kg)



  • Never exceed speed: 159 mph (138 knots, 256 km/h)

  • Maximum speed: 126 mph (109 knots, 202 km/h) at sea level

  • Cruise speed: 115 mph (100 knots, 185 km/h) 

  • Stall speed: 56.5 mph (49 knots, 91 km/h) (IAS), flaps down

  • Range: 539 miles (468 nmi, 867 km) 

  • Rate of climb: 718 ft/min (3.65 m/s)

Piper Tomahawk | G-CHER

Hours Package
Positioning Required
  • Hourly rate is reduced to £54/hr dry when booking 50 or more hours.