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Bagby Airfield,

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Mount Airy, South Cave
Flight Hrs

Land Away


You'll find Mount Airy tucked away just north of the Humber Estuary. With it's unique approach and 'bush flying' characteristics, this is a must for any hour builder. 

What you'll learn

  • ATC contact with surrounding services

  • Short field takeoff and landing techniques 

  • Grass strip operations 

  • Airfield identification (Mount Airy can be hard to spot) 

Flight Details

Land into this small grass strip in the heart of East Yorkshire. Mount Airy can be challenging to find as it's tucked away behind a row of trees. There's no cafe or facilities at this airfield, but it makes a great rural land away!

Flight Hours Achieved



Actual flight times may vary. It is the responsibility of the pilot in command to check the suitability of the route in accordance with weather, pilot competency etc. 

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